Nublu 151


9pm & 11pm

Stuart Boogies Superhuman Happiness 

9pm & 11pm 

Bryan and the  Aardvarks

w/ Fabian Almazan, Chris Dingman

Jesse Lewis, Bryan Copeland, Joe Nero


We free strings w/ Charles Burnham,

Gwen Lester, Tomeka Reid, Melanie Dyer

Brandon Lopez, Michael Wimberly


Mas Amor; Coletrickle,

Courtney Scott, Bubu




Recess with Penny Lane, Blake Potter,

Zatrick Dunn , Mikhail Pruidze, Carlos Chiesa



Breastfist-record release party



8pm - Midnight 

Nigerian Hip Hop and music 

w/ Laolu, Tosinger, Owo, Miliki Love,

hosted by Humble Prince & LPR presents

Nublu 62
9pm & 11pm
Matt Parker, Jacob Bergson
John Davis, David Mason
Ilhan selects 45’s

Dodo spins dub

10pm & Midnight

Forro at Nublu w/ Davie Vieira

Mauro Refosco, Jake Owen, Felipe Hostins

Dj Greg Caz spins Brasil Tracks

Dj Monofied
Todd Clauser’s Magnetic Animals
Eyal Maoz's Dimyon
Theatre of Operations (Too)
John Lee's ''CHU BUBALOO'' 
Roctober New Years Eve Presents 
Dj sets by Brother LE & Shishi 
86 Supreme 
11pm-4am - Petar's Art Night;
Bad Sex & Breakfast
Chant Fest
10pm  - Keter
9pm - Pitom
8pm - Jessica Lurie Ensemble

New Album Out!


It’s 2015 and Earth is on fire.

The Four Horseman have saddled up for the rodeo and Hell hath frozen over. War. Extreme weather.

Famine. Mass migration. Terrorism. Social media…


Our world is fucked and we know it.


Enter Cometa;

A new musical endeavor from Rio Di Janeiro, Brasil. 

Cometa just may be the antidote to the rising dread that you may be feeling from hyper-modern living.


At the helm of Cometa is the musical oddity known simply as “Kassin.”

While Cometa may be a new name to punters,

Kassin is no stranger to the industry.  He has enjoyed a fruitful and inspired career.

Garnering praise and glowing reviews from even the most snobbish North American online magazines.

Instrumental music is notoriously difficult for North American audiences to warm to.

In the words of a famed rock drummer from Seattle once said,

“black people dance to the rhythm, white people dance to the lyrics.” 

The debut album by Cometa is a prime example of how Kassin’s songwriting effortlessly glides 

between genres and cultures alike.  


Ok, now let’s down to the cock and bollocks of what Cometa brings to the table. 


Cometa’s music inhabits a space in a parallel netherworld. 

Imagine the virtual landscapes of both “The Truman Show” and “The Sims”

with the steely twang of a guitar from a Spaghetti Western film.

The laid-back but energetic attitude of Surf Rock, and the sleaze of late ’60’s Italian pulp cinema.

You could easily listen to this while exploring the Grand Canyon,

cruising the Italian coastline with your 1960’s yellow,

Fiat convertible, or waiting for that perfect wave at Jaws, Maui.


Tonight, as you turn on CNN, do not fret. 

We’re all fucked anyway, you might as well make the most of your puny,

insignificant little life while you still have it.  


Shit, I think I see a mushroom cloud…

Better whip up another Capirinha and give this new Cometa record a spin.

It’s the end, but I’m feeling fine.  You will too.      

Track List: 

1- Jogada Senil

2- Marini Squad

3- Super Machine

4- Leilah

5- Police Affair

6- Double Dip

7- Antenna

8- Ashes

9- Troy

10- Liquid Jesus

11- Bad Weather



iTunes Link:  

Cometa - Cometa