Latest Releases:

9pm - 12 Houses Orchestra

Dj Vladimir Radojicic

9pm - Oscillations

feat. Jason Lindner, Abe Seiferth, David Mason

Dj Matt Kilmer

Nublu Jazz Festival

Midnight - Alphabet Soup With Kenny Brooks, Dred Scott

10.30 - Ron Blake Quartet

9pm - Eggy 

Dj Spun


Nublu Jazz Festival

Midnight & 2am - Sexmob

10.30pm - Dave Harrington One Heart Trio

9pm - Matt Parker Trio

Dj Vladimir Radojicic

Nublu Jazz Festival

Midnight - Sun Ra Arkestra

10.30pm - Mauro Refosco’s Trio Catarina

Feat. Jorge Continetino

9pm - Ze Luis

Dj Brother Jonno



Nublu's acclaimed annual Jazz Festival returns from Dec. 4-Dec. 22!   This year's stellar lineup features a diverse array of top players and rising stars scross the jazz spectrum scheduled to perform, as well as great DJs rounding out each night's sets.   Fans can expect to see unforgettable sets from artists including John Zorn, Sun Ra Arkestra, Eddie Henderson, Dave Liebman, Ivo Perelman, Kassin, Clark Gayton, Craig Handy, Matt Penman, John Ellis, Ari Hoenig, Rene Lopez, as well as resident favorites such as Love Trio and some of Nublu's favortie forro acts.  Showtimes nightly vary from  9:00pm-2:00am-fans can visit for more details on admission, showtimes and band details.


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