Nublu 151

Sheik'n'Beik Presents


(Lebensfreude, Pampa - Berlin) - Live Pa


(NYC) - Live Pa

Julio - (Sheik'n'Beik)

10pm to 4am - Mas Amor

Salsa Party!

11pm & 1am - Yotoco

DJ Cotto


9pm & 11pm - Heavy Weight Tuesdays

9pm & 11pm - Forro in the dark

Original line up - They're back !

DJ Greg Caz spins Brazil tracks 

Nublu 62


10pm - Peptalk

9pm - Two Aerials

Midnight & 2am - Underground Horns

DJ Memos

Midnight & 2am - BaANGTONE

with Aaron Johnston & Jesse Murphy

of the Brazilan Girls

10pm - Innerspace Ensemble

9pm to 4am - Boogaloo Party

Fulaso (Live)

The Bugalu Brothers

DJ Turmix

9pm - Cylo

Midnight & 2am - Spacepilot

After New Years Eve


New Years Eve at Nublu NYC


After a year with a lot of traveling and definetly too little downtime at Nublu for us, it was a no-brainer when we got asked to play New Years Eve at our official home court Nublu, NYC. 

It is now soon 3 years since we started forming the current formation of "Hess Is More Live" during a three month residency at Nublu, so the band is simply build to play there. 
With Modest P and Vladimir Radojicic spinning records, and the rest of our favorite crazy people making the club come to life on both sides of the bar, we felt like we were home - which is a good feeling especially for something potentially sentimental like New Years Eve. 

Our first set started at 1 am and we jumped at it with a lot of energy and excitement. Opening with the new song "Wheel of Fortune" transitioning directly into "Ssshhhh". The crowd was fired up, and we tried our best to keep up with the energy and not least out own expectations. A good 50 minutes went by in a blink, and Modest P took over from the DJ booth. A good and very energetic first set - though maybe slightly frazzled...


After a good hang in the band room and some cheers and hugs later, we started the 2nd set around 2:45 am. And for a bunch of reasons, now it really felt like the socks came off! "Igor goes to Hollywood" never felt this tight, clear and transparant, like we all 8 became one - and, it featured a TAP DANCE SOLO by Jmmy Taps! So intense it could possibly only happen for us at Nublu... 

The rest of the set flew by almost by itself - Naja Rosa sang "Riders of the storm" with us, which took us on a whole other journey, and after "Would would you like to disco ?" we came right into "Messenger" featuring the one and only Anisette Koppel - a long time hero of ours from Denmark. 

We wrapped it up with stretching on a long uptempo disco version of "Piano Waltz" and again handed it over to Modest P around 4 am. 


From there things went fairly Nublu, and I will spare you the details - but sum it up that it was all together the one and only way for me to spend New Years Eve!

Thank you for yet another amazing time at Nublu - hopefully many more to come.


Belated happy new year to you all

Mikkel Hess



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