Latest Releases:

Midnite & 2am - Underground Horns

10.30pm - Jonathan Crayford Biggish Big Band

9pm - Rasa Rasa

DJ Y-Gun

Midnite & 2am - Clark Gayton N the Superslicks

10.30pm - Board of Directors

9pm - INKY

DJ Memos

10.30pm & Midnite - Chop & Quench

9pm - Kaoru Watanabe-Motions 

Dj Vladimir Radojicic

Kenji Shimoda Tokyo Sessions

01am - DJ Maechang

11pm - DJ Monchan

9pm - DJ Super Flower

11.30 - Black&Cullers

10.30 - Die Hollywood

9pm - Betty Black

And Nightbreed DJs Aleix and Shark

10pm & Midnight - As Lolas

9pm - Livio Almeida Brazilian Jazz Dectet.

DJ Maddmaracas 

2am - DJ No More

1am - DJ Super Flower

Midnite - Smacked

10pm - Mia Doi Todd 

9pm - DJ Esse

Hessismore: Myheadisaballroom / Whoneedsapalaceanyway

Following 4 album release concerts at The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen the transatlantic 8 piece music ensemble Hessismore returns to Nublu for a full week of live music and more. Nublu transformed - a ballroom like no other… November 17-18-19-20-21-22-23



From their first musical meeting, Samita Sinha, Sunny Jain and Grey McMurray were a uniquely aligned trio. Each a lauded composer in their own right, longtime collaborators Sinha and Jain bring their distinctive hybrid musical voices alongside McMurray’s avant new music textures....


Mia Doi Todd - October 30, 2014

Mia Doi Todd performs songs from her new album "Floresta," with Fabiano do Nascimento on guitar and Alberto Lopez on percussion.



The four members of the Brooklyn-based collective Motions combine the rhythms, timbres and melodies from their extensive and diverse backgrounds – traditional and contemporary musics from Japan, Mali, the Middle East, Brazil and the US – to create a unified sound that is both eclectic and organic....


The Real Live Show - Monday, September 8

Features RAY ANGRY (keys), DARU JONES (drums),
and NATE JONES (bass), STIMULUS (vox),
MALIK WORK (vox) and the inimitable CASEY BENJAMIN (vox) on the hook.


August, 18-19-20-21-22

Hessismore: Myheadisaballroom / Whoneedsapalaceanyway
Album Release Concert Series in New York, August 18-22.



Bárbara Eugenia was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has been living in the city of Sao Paulo since 2005.
Her musical style ranges from rock, Brazilian influences, and the 70s era. Her universal appeal comes from images of past and present embracing a romantic-sardonic and sensual inspiration, all wrapped up in her unique voice...


New Record Out!

This spring, Nublu Records is proud to announce the release of Ilhan Ersahin’s WONDERLAND “The Other Side” adding to the canon of Nublu experiments, Ersahin salutes turkish traditional gypsy sounds via his eclectic modern touch to "the music of now”. Wonderland’s sensuous chill-out sound is infused with a languorous arabesque essence and tinged with opiated dub effects. “The Other Side" exists in its own zone, floating beyond boundaries of space and time...


After the Festival

Nublu Jazz Festival - 2014 - Sao Paulo has just ended last week... Look what we found on Ilhan's iphone..



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